• Hove Plumbing Services

    Hove Plumber for domestic and commercial plumbing services across Hove, Brighton and Sussex.

    RJ Plumbing Solutions provide leak detection and resolution, bathroom and kitchen installation, repairs and upgrades. If you are looking for a Hove Plumber, please contact us today.

  • Hove Bathroom Installation

    Our Hove bathroom fitting service is designed to help us deliver the best possible job at a sensible price.

    Improving your bathroom can be a simple process of replacing baths, WCs and basins or an opportunity to update and completely change the look and feel of your bathroom.

  • Hove Kitchen Fitter

    Kitchen plumbing service for repairs and upgrades in Brighton, Hove and Sussex. Complete fitting service available.

    We can plan your kitchen design, and supply your kitchen units and appliances. Our qualified installation team will fit any make of units, appliances, flooring, or tiling you desire


General Maintenance & Repairs

Whatever the job we promise our customers high quality workmanship conducted by qualified engineers who are able to carry out a wide variety of plumbing related work:

In the Bathroom

  • Baths and Showers
  • New bathroom fittings
  • Repairing leaks
  • Shower pressure adjustments
  • Sinks
  • Taps
  • Toilets
  • Tiling

In the Kitchen

  • Dishwashers - new dishwashers plumbed in
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Refrigerators with ice dispensers plumbed in
  • Repairing leaks
  • Sinks - repaired and fitted
  • Taps
  • Tiling

Bathroom Installation

Bathrooms are more than just a simple functional room; they should be a practical place for you to relax and indulge in elegant and stylish surroundings.

Our Hove plumbing and tiling services can achieve the balance between attractive aesthetics and contemporary comfort for the perfect installation of a beautiful bathroom.

Beautiful bespoke bathrooms to beautiful budget bathrooms:

We offer free quotes and consultancy on all projects, whether large or small. Our expert bathroom fitters and plumbers install to the same high quality standards any custom made and bespoke baths, showers, sinks and W.Cs to simple budget contract bathroom suites.

Using innovative ideas and pioneering solutions we will convert your loft or attic space, garage or spare bedroom into a beautiful bathroom or walk in shower room or wet room. We are able to undertake all structural and engineering modifications necessary to ensure the safety, stability and durability of the installation with superior workmanship providing value for money.

We provide an expert creative bathroom design service or will happily work with your ideas and third party architects, surveyors and designers' plans to ensure your full satisfaction.

Beautiful Bespoke Bathrooms

Complete new bathroom replacement and design:

A new bathroom is a considerable investment and valuable improvement to your home. Working closely with your needs in mind and utilizing our tremendous experience and expertise, we will create an inspirational transformation of an old space into a unique living area; a complete, beautiful yet functional bathroom with spatial optimization. A room that enhances not just your home but your well-being, a place for you to relax in and enjoy.

We provide a stress free service for the design, source, supply and fit of customized and bespoke bathrooms designed to reflect your individual needs.

Bathroom fitting service:

Quality plumbing, tiling, electrical, light building and decorating service provided. Sourcing and using only top quality materials and incorporating old-school skills with advanced modern technology to optimize your investment and its longevity. All work performed follows a strict code of practice subject to multi-level quality control procedures throughout all stages to your satisfactory completion.

Bathroom Fitting Service

Quality craftsmanship at affordable prices:

Whatever your budget, all bathroom fitting and plumbing is to exacting standards and meets current building regulations and requirements. All work is fully guaranteed and covered by extensive public liability insurance.

We are a professional team of quality bathroom fitters, plumbers and tillers who are clean, honest and reliable. We work quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption or mess and maximum respect for you and your home.

Kitchen Installation

We can install new kitchen, remodel your kitchen and will do all kitchen renovations.  

The average homeowners spend over 19 hours a week in their kitchen. Our kitchens are no longer just the place for preparing and eating family meals, kitchens have evolved into multi tasking environments used for paying bills, doing homework, working on hobbies and family gatherings. The function of  a kitchen and its size dictate which materials, furniture should be used. 

Remodeling your Kitchen: first steps 

Detailed plan is a must for any kitchen project. Whether you design the kitchen yourself, work with a cabinet distributor or home center, or go to a kitchen designer, formulating a plan is the first step. 

Questions to answer before remodeling your Kitchen: 

1. What is my primary objective? Such as - Do I want a new look, more storage, more counter space, upgrade for resale, etc.? 

2. What do I like about my present kitchen? This is very important! You may want to keep certain features in your new kitchen. Don't give up what works ! 

3. What features of my present kitchen do I most want to change? Such as - I don't like my current cabinet style, countertops, appliances, floor, lighting, etc. 

4. What is my budget for this project? You need to "qualify" yourself and what you can reasonably expect to complete. Kitchen remodeling is one of the best investments you can make in your home! It is possible to get nearly 100 % return on your kitchen remodeling investment. 

5. What are the most important functions of my kitchen? It may simply be such things as cooking, family dining, etc. But it may also include homework, budget planning, entertaining, watching TV. 

6. When do I want to have my remodeling project completed? 

7. What kinds of things will I need to make room for in my new design? You might include a toaster, food processor, blender, coffee maker, everyday dishes, china, bulk groceries, cookbooks, trays, etc. 

8. What other special accommodations might I want in the new kitchen? Things such as a desk/computer/printer space, eating bar, washer/dryer, baking center, hobby or craft area, etc. 

9. Will I need to upgrade existing electrical or plumbing? The answer here may depend on whether you change the layout of your sink, worktop or oven. 

Answering these questions are an important first step in remodeling your kitchen. Don't overlook them! The more detailed you can be with your answers, the easier it will be to develop a design that will make you happy and will serve your family for many years to come.

Professional Floor and Wall Tiling

Our expert team of craftsman tilers work with marble, natural stone, travertine, slate, porcelain, quarry, mosaic and glass tiles – 
Many of the materials used today for flooring and walls need customized tools and specialized treatments essential to maximize the potential for practicability and durability whilst retaining original beauty and appearance. Traditional Family Plumbers and Tilers provide quality tiling indoors and out.

Central Heating


We provide central heating installation and boiler fitting services, which cover a full range of modern central heating systems. We fit all kinds of boilers, carry out regular boiler installation work, upgrades, conversions and offer a full central heating installation service. We never fit low quality boilers, and only fit appliances that provide the best service. Ensuring that your new central heating installation, is both value for money and dependable.


We offer full boiler services and have our own practice procedure that we strictly follow when working with all boilers, as well as this we also observe additional manufacturer issued procedures to ensure that your boiler is safe and operating correctly.


Our boiler services take in between 30 and 45 minutes to complete, depending on the make and model of your boiler. We also offer gas fire servicing, which usually takes around the same amount of time this is because the flue or chimney system needs thorough checking as well as the boiler. We also offer power flush treatments for systems that are suffering from bad circulation and or boiler noise a central heating power flush can restore heating efficiency and avoid future repair work.

Gutter Replacement and Repairs

We provide all the essential gutter cleaning, maintenance, and guttering repair service that homeowners need to keep their gutters clean and waterproof.

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the beauty and value of your home. When gutters are full of leaves and debris they become heavy and get pulled off pitch. This can result in damage to the fascia and soffit areas. As water overflows it leaks behind the gutter and can travel into your home damaging walls and timber. 

Gutter cleaning and repair plays a vital role in the maintenance and protection of your home. They are part of the rainwater drainage system that helps prevent: 

  • foundation damage
  • soffit and fascia rot
  • spalling brickwork
  • internal damp and mold growth
  • termite, mosquito and rodent infestations
  • landscape destruction 

Any of these problems can be costly and time consuming to fix. Consistent maintenance is critical to keep your home dry. Let us give you peace of mind when dealing with your gutters or roof problems.

Emergency Plumber - Leaking Pipes Repaired in Hove, Brighton and Sussex

Quick Response Emergency Services Provided

  • Burst pipes
  • Overflowing drains
  • Burning wires
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Air conditioning malfunctions
  • Leaks
  • Blocked toilets, sinks, baths, bidets and showers
  • Wet electrics
  • Gas leaks
  • Boiler malfunctions
  • Hot water cylinder leaks


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